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The following Featured Post comes from TV Group 5, Thread 8.

1. The best dope dealer you can be?
Thu, Sep 16, 1999 - 3:52 PM/EST

I was somewhat concerned about Bill's reaction to his son's pending incarceration, and various comments he made while in Marion.

Maybe it's just me, but Bill didn't seem overly upset or disappointed that Alton had turned to dealing drugs. He seemed somewhat matter of fact about the whole situation. As if unless you "hustled", there was no life for a black man in Marion. I was glad to see at the end of the program that Alton had moved to Columbus and was working.

Also, what was Bill on about when he said that black culture is dead (or words to that effect), and that it is due to assimilation. Am I missing something..... when did this occur? There is no one thing that defines black culture. Although we may all share a skin color, many of us have roots and culture from countries. Whether it be nationality, religion or music, these are all parts of our "culture". They may not necessarily be defined as being "black", but in truth is it black culture. Maybe it's just dead for Bill.

Can someone help me understand?

2. Best Drug Dealer?
Thu, Sep 16, 1999 - 6:50 PM/EST

As a Black male I was disgusted with the attitude Bill had concerning his son. I wonder if his acceptance of his son selling drugs was just a way to slowly enter his son's life. I couldn't imagine Bill letting his younger daughters sell drugs. It was as if Bill's perception of the world changed when he went home. It was like he lowered his expectations because he was in the land of the bleak. There are many small towns were Blacks (AS WELL AS WHITES) feel they can't get ahead. It's no excuse to sink into despair or whine about not getting a fair shake. My grandparents lived in such a small town. Both sides of my family migrated to New York City in the 60's for more opportunites. You don't have to accept the situation you were born in without making an effort (legally) to change the situation

3. Best Drug Dealer?
Fri, Sep 17, 1999 - /EST

I felt that Bill was unfair to his older children because I think he felt that his younger children would have or better chance because they are biracial -- example Cicily graduating from college. But she had encouragement and somewhat of a father figure because Bill stuck around with his younger daughters while he took off with the older ones. We as black folks need to stop the ignorance and somehow disown the ignorant people who are bringing us down. If Bill was related to me wouldn't even say that he is because that's just how embarassed, ashamed, and disgusted I am with all the Bills in this world who keep breeding ignorance into the world, they expect the world to solve their problems while they create more problems.

I too was not acknowledged by my natural father (Caribbean immigrant's son) and lived with an ignorant and verbally and physically abusive stepfather. Then anyone can pull themselves out of a rut to become a successful small businessowner. I was taught by my mother that either you take your environment over or your environment takes over you. I decided to take control of my life and I discovered I had strengths that I never knew I had.

4. Best drug dealer SNAG
Fri, Sep 17, 1999 - 1:05 AM/EST

michaeljohn--Snag I love reading your posts.I am inspired by your fire..

Bill may be far from perfect in any way..I do not know what it is,or was, like growing up as a black man in America.I have not walked a mile in his shoes. In my own experience(Iam white) life has been at times wonderful,and horrible. I was not given a thing from my father, except deep scars. Like yourself I have done what I have needed to do, and also have been given great strengths,I worked for them,and today my life is better than most dreams. I did have to wake up first.I did not leave home with a good self image,and confidence. Maybe Bill has not yet come awake, sometime people react differently to being hurt.O r maybe Bill, as you say is Ignorant.

5. Devil's advocate
Fri, Sep 17, 1999 - 4:16 PM/EST

Wow! There's a lot of passion on this topic, but that's what this is all about. I don't mean to step on any toes but I can't help but think Alton and Tina have a mother, too. What happened there, why didn't the relationship work out? What is Bill's relationship with her like now? He told Alton to tell his mom he'd like to see her, and that never happened, why? There are sides to this story we don't know. My sister, a single mother, ran her son's father off by threatening to kill him if he left her... he left her alright, without a forwarding address, you can believe it.

As for Bill's bi-racial children being preferred, he also deserted Karen and Cicily in the beginning. They didn't marry until eight years after she was born. He was, admitedly, a troubled man, he had a pattern he was continuing of running away. Somewhere along the line he turned that pattern around, doesn't that merit some acknowledgement?

Kudos to snag and michaeljohn. Overcoming a tough youth is twice the achievement of simply surviving!!!

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