DIGITAL MEDIA WIRE -- February 7, 2002

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o Non-Profit Web Lab Hosts "Crossover" New Media Creation Retreat

New York -- Web Lab, a non-profit new media think tank, announced on
Thursday that it will host a creative retreat bringing independent film
and videomakers together with new media producers. The goal of the
"Crossover" project is "to develop ideas for projects that combine the
story telling skills of independent filmmaking with new kinds of
interactivity made possible by emerging technology." Participants in
"Studio A" -- the first retreat held February 20-25 at White Oak
Plantation in Yulee, Florida -- include "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
director John Cameron Mitchell, DJ Spooky and independent filmmaker Alan
Berliner. Ideas hatched during the retreat will be considered for
production during a later Crossover retreat, and Web Lab said it is also
talking with finance and co-production partners for possible production
and marketing outside of the project. New York-based Web Lab is producing
Crossover in conjunction with the Sundance Institute, the Directors Guild
of America and the Banff New Media Institute. The Crossover Advisory
Committee includes directors Allison Anders, David Lynch and John Cameron
Mitchell and GameLab founder and CEO Eric Zimmerman.

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