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"Entering Ron's office, I expect to see
something like a three-headed pig
or barking chicken."

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Workplace Diaries
A Northwest Office Assistant and animal lover tests his will at the front desk of a heart transplant office and finally moves on to unemployment, where he becomes intimately familiar with his sofa.
An Illinois Casino Worker shows you how the casino business really works. Witness the endless wrestling with seedy bosses, zombie gamblers, and numbers counting rackets.
A Customer Service Rep. for a well-known clothing company fends off lonely callers looking for phone sex while her boss tracks her bathroom breaks.

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Punching Out:
  Can workers be given their walking papers for refusing to put in unpaid overtime?
  How do I get a co-worker to stop filing her nails and do a little work?
  How do I best survive a mega-merger?

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Is Your Job Killing You? Strained wrists, toxic chemicals, falling objects--find out how our bosses keep from cleaning up the workplace and what you can do about it.
Time Bandits How our jobs are sneaking away with our personal time.

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