Posted by: Tommy on July 01, 1998 at 22:19:38:

I am in a government position which involves alot
of red tape and the like. They are just starting
to hire after the major downsizing of the early
90's. I have been there for 5 months under an
internship program and have 7 months to go. I am
told that my performance is great and they have a
need for my position and asked me if I would be
interested once my internship ended. I said this
would be great. Because of all the government
hassle and red tape involved, the hiring process
is very long and frustrating. They have to screen
if the job can apply to those layed off in earlier
years, plus making it a fair process for all. But
I know that if a manager wants you to work for them, something can be done...They are moving really slow on it, beleiving that I can wait and
would not have anywhere else to go. Now I just got another offer from another govt dept, lower
work but officially in the organization, and I
would move up quite quickly. But I LOVE what I
do at my present job. WHat do I do? Take the
chance and leave?? Stay and trust my bosses, or
blackmail them to move it?? Let me know asap


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