What experiences have shaped, tested, challenged or confirmed our beliefs about guns? User-submitted stories from all perspectives.

The material in the book, I am Not My Breast Cancer, published in 2008 by William Morrow/Harper Paperback, was culled from First Person Plural, a Small Group Dialogue convened by Web Lab in 2004.

Crossover Crossover convened a carefully-chosen group of filmmakers, interactive artists, designers, animators, writers, technologists, game designers, and web producers for an intensive week of experimentation and collaboration.

First Person Plural

Listening to the City
Listening to the City

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Release 1.0
July/August 2004
Encouraging dialogue and political discourse online where "multiple competing ideas and voices can flourish."  (download)

The New York Times
September 2002

"Avoiding destructive 'flame' wars in a spirited discussion of Lower Manhattan's future."  (full article)

July 2002

"While the rest of us tended to yell at each other online throughout much of the late 90s, the New York Internet think tank Web Lab was evolving a better way ..."  (full article)

April 2002

"Storytellers fluent in film language are mixing it up with 3D game developers, Web designers, even performance artists."  (full article)

The Washington Post
February 2001

"Groups like Web Lab are building new kinds of Web forums designed to foster a more useful debate."  (full article)

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