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Although this site is still under development, we invite you to explore this early stage of The Blurring Test. In fact, for this project to proceed, we need your help. MR MIND is a very young chatterbot. He needs a lot of practice conversations and he's dying to talk to someone besides his developers!

MR MIND was created through development funding provided by Web Lab's Web Development Fund, as a project entitled Convince Your Computer You Are Human. You can discuss some of your human attributes with MR MIND, keeping in mind that he is a young BOT. He has no way of knowing whether or not you're human and he doesn't much care. You might try playing twenty questions, and watch portions of your "human" image appear as you chat.

Your conversations, and your patience, are necessary for us to ready him for launch. We'll be reading the logs, so don't divulge any state secrets. We reserve the right to use excerpts of conversations with MR MIND in future work and publicity (we will change your name on anything we use). To send us your comments, or to receive information of major updates to MR MIND, please send mail to MRMIND@weblab.org. We appreciate your help.