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Web Lab develops and promotes innovative ways to use the Web as a transformative force in people's lives and in society, and catalyzes others to experiment with the medium's potential to serve the public interest. 

In short, we do work it's easy to care about. 

We're looking for an administrative intern, and we want someone really fantastic, so we hope to offer them something fantastic in exchange. Nope, not a salary. We're offering a chance to work in a small office with some quirky people who take the web very seriously, but who have a lot of fun. 

This is not  a web design position. This is not a web development position.  This is not a programming position. By "administrative intern" we mean someone who will pitch in with a variety of tasks that keep the organization going.  This might include doing research on a particular sector of the Internet industry or it might mean sticking labels on a stack of envelopes. We can't promise that every moment will be riveting and life-changing, but we can promise that overall the job will be challenging and interesting, and that it will  really get you thinking about the Web. 

This is an unpaid position, and as such, we are willing to be flexible about the hours. We would, however, like a weekly commitment and a more or less regular schedule. We have in mind a student with interests in the Web, media, film, sociology, art, or any other discipline that gets you thinking about the Internet and public discourse. We'd of course like someone who has experience with the Web, but if you're looking for something new, and are willing to try looking at things from a different perspective, that can't hurt. And if you don't fit any of these criteria, but you know you'd be perfect, by all means, give it a shot. 

We will require that you know your way around a computer. By that we mean that you know how e-mail programs work, you have experience with word processing and spread sheets, and you aren't afraid of error messages or that sound that hard drives sometimes make. We'd love it if you know HTML. We are looking for someone that can take on a project and own it, someone that will do a fantastic job with plenty of direction, but not much supervision. 

We are a very small non-profit company, and while we can't promise a position upon completion of the internship, we can say that when we think about hiring, we think about people we know, and who have wowed us in the past. We'll also guarantee that you will learn a lot about how organizations work, gain valuable experience, and have plenty of new stuff to spiff up your resume. 

Please email a cover letter and a resume (both will be given equal weight), as well as two references, in an email (all in the body-- no attachments will be opened) to A really fantastic cover letter is sure to catch our eye, so take a chance with it. Please indicate whether you are applying for summer or fall, and keep in mind that we will hire the first perfect person we meet. So act now. Don't delay! 

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