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Living With Suicide:

Shared Experiences And Voices Of Loss

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Suicide is an uncomfortable subject; those touched by the self-destruction of a loved one typically live in guilt, shame... and silence. Living With Suicide will break the silence, and encourage "survivors" not only to find a voice, but to help build a community. Rather than a solemn memorial, the site will be a dynamic, interactive forum - a wellspring of passionate voices and shared experiences about self and society, love and loss, hope and growth.

Created by former Discovery Channel Online producers John Keefe and Peter Esmonde, the site grows out of personal experience. Keefe's father took his own life three years ago, and he is deeply committed to the project. "This topic is not something we speak about freely, especially our personal encounters with it," he said. "The Internet allows us to do that in a safe and supportive environment."

"We see this site as a place where people can create a community, not only for those whose lives have been touched by suicide, but for all of us."

Esmonde added, "We are very gratified by WDF support, honored to be grantees, and truly look forward to working with the WDF team on this ground-breaking project."

Full Description | Team Biographies

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