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Jennifer Vogel has been a writer and editor for over seven years, including a long stint as associate editor at one of country's best weekly newspapers, City Pages in Minneapolis. She's covered subjects ranging from prisons and civil liberties to housing and employment and has won many awards for investigative journalism, including an I.F. Stone award from the Nation magazine while still in college. She's also the editor / author of a book called Crapped Out, which examines the social and economic effects of legalized gambling in America, published last year by Common Courage Press. Currently, Jennifer is Managing Editor of New Media for Stern Publishing, which owns the Village Voice, the LA Weekly, the Seattle Weekly, and a handful of other papers. She works out of the Seattle office, where she develops special projects, manages the Seattle Weekly website, and writes for the paper.

Robin Marks is the owner of Bite Back Productions, an independent radio and multimedia journalism company. She has been a journalist for ten years and makes frequent contributions to local and national public radio programs. Her work focuses on legal and social issues, particularly with regard to science, medicine, and technology. Also an experienced multimedia producer, Robin has worked with the Seattle-based Mountain Zone to experiment with new ways of bringing journalism to the Internet. In addition, she teaches radio production classes for Jack Straw Productions, a non-profit recording studio in Seattle. She has a bachelor's degree in biology and a masters in International Studies, speaks several foreign languages, and has worked in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kiev, Ukraine and Melbourne, Australia.

Adam Chapman is owner of the web and print design group, ADM's Design Machine. After graduating from the Johnston Center at the University of Redlands in southern California with an Honors degree in Aesthetics Theory and Application, he moved to Seattle and started his own design practice. He has art directed or designed web sites and print pieces for MSN, K2 Sports, The Zone Network (where was Lead Designer of the New Media Group), Mountain Zone.com, The Resonance Project Magazine, and a number of art galleries and media organizations. He is a mentor for the NEA / Benton Foundation Open Studio Project; a project bringing artists to the Internet. Among other things, Adam is currently working with Noah Wardrip-Fruin on an exhibit for Omnizone; a project hosted by the on-line gallery Plexus, and the New York Gallery, Art Space.

Full Description | Team Biographies

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