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Living With Suicide

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 8, 1998
Putting the Web to Work
The "Shared Voices" section of the Web site features stories from people whose lives have been affected by suicide, either because they once considered taking their own lives or because they lost someone they cared about. Each time a viewer clicks on the "shuffle" button, the opening lines of three different stories come up on the screen. John F. Keefe, founder and producer of the site, says that the approach is intended to "mimic the randomness of suicide itself." In the three months that the site has been on line, more than 150 people have posted their personal stories. Mr. Keefe says that the anonymity that the Internet offers is particularly appealing to people dealing with the often taboo subject of suicide...

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@NY, August 21, 1998
Web Lab Sites Produce Extra-Corporate Content, by Pamela Parker
The absolute Shock of Silence, the lack of her presence, was my only companion for weeks, then months, then...it's been over 17 years," writes one man on the Living with Suicide Web site, sharing the aftermath of his wife's fatal overdose on sleeping pills. Another woman writes of coming home to find her husband gone. "I figured at first he was out picking up a pizza or something," she says, "but he was actually out killing himself"...
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The Village Voice, August 7, 1998
Cyber: Machine Age, by Austin Bunn
Excerpt: Open Endings: "Even though I'm very open about my father's suicide, I find myself avoiding the topic when visiting friends ... What's behind all of this silence?" writes Brooklyn-based Web producer John Keefe, the man behind a harrowing new site, Living With Suicide (pbs.org/weblab/living). Launching this week, it's one of the winning projects of the groundbreaking Web Development Fund. The site has already become a gripping experiment in public catharsis. One testimonial begins, "I was 35 years old and just home after giving birth to my second daughter when I began my deep descent..." (full article available upon request)
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