Re: I Hate my job
Posted by: elizabeth on June 29, 19101 at 13:50:07:
In Response to: I Hate my job posted by Cindy on November 08, 1998 at 00:23:33:

I have read thru all the posts...oh my! This is a serious problem when so mnay people feel like we all do about our jobs. At first I thought I was the only I stand corrected of course! The thing is we put up with all the crap while some Jack-asses at the top make all the $$$. And what is it that they do??? I am so confused and tired of corporate is not all it is cracked up to you all know. The problem is--my self included--that kids /people come out of college with stars in their eyes like corporate america is get in with a big name comapny and yup you made it. What a bunch of bull pucky! What a joke. The biggest lie going is that their is safety and benefits for all in corporate, actually it is a breeding ground for stress, high blood pressure and a life of uncertainty and hell. I never thought I would be saying this after only three years on the job, but I am. At first I felt like I was a failure if I left corporate america..I got my BA two security licenses and I have recently began working on my CFA...but forget it now! I want out of this..I would rather work at Home Depot in the paint department for $15 an hour than work in this dump...don't believe the hype, Corporate america is a giant cess pool and to get to the top you have to swim through brown stink for years and have your nose shoved so far up some execs you know what...and even then there are no guarantees....So now I break all the rules, two hour lunches, I screw off all day,I tell my boss I don't have time for his projects, I leave early everyday..I am waiting patiently to be must be coming soon. I wantthem to hate me as much as I hate them. I cannot wait for my glory day, my day of "oh, Elizabeth we won't be needing you anymore" "oh, really?" "yes, your work is slipping" "buh-by"

: I hate my job so bad that when I walk in to the door every morning at fifteen till, I fee... (truncated)

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