I Hate my job
Posted by: Cindy on November 08, 1998 at 00:23:33:

I hate my job so bad that when I walk in to the door every morning at fifteen till, I feel utterly sick at my stomach, I honestly want to fold up in a corner and hide. It is such a bitch fest in my office. Every one is sooo stupid according to 1 of my coworkers. She can always loudly point out any and all mistakes including the mistakes of our lead person as she said " I hate working for some one that is not smarter than me."
I am looking for another job, but confidence illudes me due to 3 years of this endless agony.
I live in a small town and It seems like unless I want to drive forever to a bigger town I just have to put up with it. Help. If anyone has any non degrading advice please let me know.

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