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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Love Coach: Search Engine Optimization for Your Online Dating Profile

It's a prize that any good Web master seeks -- a top ranking in Google search results. And search engine optimization (SEO) - a new buzzword among the Internet set - is the strategy that will get you there (maybe). But what about your online dating profile? Do you need an SEO expert for your online love life? Apparently thousands of people believe they do, and it has given rise to a new profession: the online dating coach or "Love Coach". How much will it set you back? One online dating coach says:
My regular fee for personal one-on-one coaching is typically at least $125/hour. Thousands of clients have paid this amount or more in all the years I've been in business as a coach.
As we're learning from stories we're receiving at Meeting Online, making a lasting connection with someone you meet online is certainly possible. And the big Internet dating sites like to tout their online dating success stories. So what about dating coaches, do they really work? Or is it just another scam? If you have an interesting online dating story, consider sharing it with us.

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